MedPeds – Day 8

I still got a long way to go. Clinic has been going ok today, but I had my kinda big practical exam in the afternoon. I felt good about of a lot of this, but there were a couple cases that I felt like I butchered and what’s worse is that it was confirmed at a “feedback” session at the end of it all. If those were real patients, at least one of them would have probably died.

What I will say is that this are the kind of environment that I think are great for learning, and it’s a bit of a shame that we don’t utilize this more as a regular teaching method and reserve it for evaluations. I feel like I learn best in an environment where I can make mistakes with emotional consequences. Practice questions allow you to make mistakes and learn from them, but there is no emotional consequence. With these fake patients, even though I know it’s not real, I am making a social and emotional connection which (1) better simulates my actual clinical decision making and (2) makes mistakes feel more devastating and memorable.


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