MedPeds – Day 9

It’s times like today that make you just want to give up. After my disappointing and embarrassing performance on my practicals yesterday, when I was getting ready to leave at 5:30 AM this morning, I got locked out of my car. And it’s not cause I locked my keys in or anything, my car sometimes does this thing where if I only open the trunk while the car is locked and then close the trunk without unlocking the rest of the car, it has what is the equivalent of a car seizure. It becomes completely unresponsive to the remote, and won’t even open to the physical key, supposedly due to an electrical or software issue. It just like bad things one after the other.

Anyways despite the delays I still managed to make it to clinic before any of the residents. After seeing patients, regaining some perspective, and spending some time in clinic things did get better. I also got to see my person at the end of the day which never fails to make me feel like the luckiest guy around.


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