MedPeds – Day 7

I’m not sure if its a sign or if its just in my head, but I’ve notice a bunch, like 4/9th to 1/2 of the Med/ Peds residents have Android phones. Are these my people??? Jokes aside (but I was also serious) I was very much looking forward to clinic this morning. I was supposed to be working the adolescent transitional care clinic which sees a lot of high-risk or at-risk adolescents and young adults with chronic medical conditions and/ or in foster care or with ACES. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the population there is a high no-show rate, which was the case today. It’s sad to think about how often times the people who have the greatest healthcare needs are often the people with the most limited access (for one reason or another). Being in a position to meet people where they are at and bring them the care that they need despite whatever their personal circumstance or situation may be that is limiting their access is one of the big things I am looking for in my future career.


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