MedPeds – Day 6

I wonder how I’ll ever manage once I’m practicing on my own in the future. Even just averaging seeing 3 patients in the morning and 3 patients in the afternoon I don’t leave clinic until around 6 PM. Even if I make my notes and my time spent with the patients more focused and concise, it’s hard to imagine doing more than double the amount of work in the same amount of time or less. I guess it’s just one of those things I’ll have to figure again. But as I’ve mentioned, at this point the work doesn’t feel super arduous. I probably would get burned at the stake if I said this to any of my classmates, but I kind of like writing notes (though doesn’t necessarily correlate with being good at it). I like reflecting on the encounter and then trying to imagine what would be most helpful for my future self or the next person trying to read the note.

I can really see my self working, at least part time, in this environment with this population. And the more and more residents and attendings I meet, the more it feel like the right place for me.


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