MedPeds – Day 5

The trouble of having generally nice and pleasant residents and attendings is it can be hard to tell whether or not you are meeting their expectations or performing up to their standards. I’m constantly questioning whether or not I’m performing at or below where I should be. Even when I directly ask for feedback I sometimes feel like they are pulling punches to preserve my feelings (I know if I was in their position I probably would be inclined to do so [because it’s also easier to say everything is fine and not have to full “work up” so to speak the root of the problem]). Also that could just be my brain psyching myself out.

Anyways, was another varied day in the clinic. I find that I spend a lot of time with the patients I see which is part of what makes it a generally pleasant experience. I can see how, if you are strapped for time/ have a lot of patients to see, the burnout can set in because you don’t get to spend the time you feel you need to properly address patients’ concerns. Definitely something I should here more about from the residents.


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