Better than Bored

In 2023 we have the solution to boredom. We’ve actually had it for a while now and it comes in the form of these tiny rectangles we keep in our pocket. The moment boredom rears its ugly head we have the perfect weapon to ward it off. Not a single minute of our time need be wasted sitting idle when we can fill it with videos of people dancing at work or of people showing the silly things they did at Disneyland or of 5 tips for making yourself rich TODAY.

No more wasting our time with useless mind wandering and daydreaming when our attention can be continuously captivated by an endless stream of catchy and misleading headlines, targeted ads, and controversial content. We can check our emails, be entertained, catch up on the news, connect with friends, make business connections, or love connections (or both?) all without taking our eyes off our screens. It’s called productivity and productivity how we keep up in this world lest we fall behind into cultural irrelevance.

There’s no need to reflect, there’s no time to pause because we already have notifications piling up that we need to attend to and trends we need to participate in. Boredom and idleness are problems of the past, and in this day and age we finally have the space and the tools to be focused on what’s really important.


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