Who to Trust

Right now I’m kinda in the process of really trying to figure out where in medicine I want to end up. We just wrapped up 3rd year this past Friday and tomorrow is the start of 4th year. I completed all my core rotations and at no point in the last 10 months did have that “aha” moment that people always talk about. I feel like my problem is that I have an tendency to tolerate, or dare I say enjoy, whatever I am doing. There was nothing I absolutely hated (that doesn’t mean I didn’t rule anything out), but also there wasn’t anything that I 100% fell in love with, and I’m not sure such a thing exists.

I’ve spoken to a few advisers in the specialties I’m interested in which has been helpful. I have also spoken to family members and friends, and while I’ve very much appreciated everyone’s input, it’s hard to know who to trust. I feel like no one I’ve talked to fully understands me as person nor due that fully understand my my values or my philosophy towards medicine. Many of the doctors I’ve spoken to, including those within my family, seem to have come to medicine from a slightly (or more than slightly) different angle from me with their own set of values. The metrics are different, but often in conversation we speak as if they are the same. What is a downside of a particular specialty for one person, may actually be a bonus to me and visa versa. Then to make it even worse, just because a particular thing matters to me now, doesn’t mean it will matter to me 10+ years down the road.

At the end of the day, I will eventually have to make a decision based on whatever information I’ve obtained by that time and then live with that decision. I just have to remember that regardless of what happens, my satisfaction and contentment with life is based on so much more than the outcome of what currently feels like the biggest decision of my life.


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