Surgery – Day 20

Pre-call day is always nice an chill. Though this morning I got to see a pretty interesting case. I didn’t get to scrub in because I guess it was a pretty difficult case so there was 3 attendings, 1 fellow, and a 3rd year resident all scrubbed in. They were placing an interpositional graft for a patient who had their carotid artery transected by a bullet. This was my first time seeing a thoracotomy and a thus a beating heart inside a living person’s chest. It was very cool (though I still think maybe the kidney transplant was a little cooler/ more interesting to me. That said this was probably a pretty rare case, also given that the patient had some unusual anatomy, an aberrant right subclavian artery.

Also later today I went to Target to get some deodorant and this older gentleman started talking to me asking if Old Spice was a good brand. We talked about deo for a while and then started talking about life and stuff, very nice guy, but also just a very random encounter (at first wasn’t sure if he was trying to sell me something or something).

Also got a chance to get dinner with my line, always nice to see them and catch up.

(1) The consistent ones.
(2) Random shopping encounters with strangers.
(3) Cheesy fries.


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