Surgery – Day 21/22

It was a crazy one, and I got the trauma case I was hoping for. The majority of the daytime was relatively chill, but after around 4 pm everything started rolling in. Had some motorcycle accidents, falls, assaults, stab wounds. The big case was a gunshot wound to the abdomen. When we were all looking into this guy’s belly, trying to figure out it injuries it was almost reminiscent of a group project. Everyone had their own thought and suggesting of what to do. Different responsibilities were getting passed around and everyone was joking around despite the gravity of the situation. It was good kind of group project.

Another thing I thought about though was how many resources were pouring into saving this guy life. 4 people with 6 figure salaries, 1 student with 100k debt, countless (actually carefully counted) disposable and plastics just being consumed with reckless abandon. And I get it, we are trying to save this man’s life, so maybe it makes me a little psychopathic, but that’s just where my mind went.

It was a super cool surgery and glad I got to be a part of it. Overall it was a busy night in trauma, we didn’t even get a chance to rest our heads for a teeny tiny bit. Cheers to the last 28-hour call of the rotation (maybe of my life).

(2) Ethics discussions
(3) Layers

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