Coffee, beer, veggies, wine, dark chocolate. What makes us crave things that objectively leave a bad taste in our mouths? Is it the abstract knowledge (not sure if I’m using this term correctly) that their consumption has some type of desirable property outside of its flavor (i.e. stimulation, intoxication, health benefits, etc.) or is there something about the bitterness itself that we actually crave or is there something about these things that we seek out despite the bitterness and despite the their effects. I supposed it could be, and likely is, multifactorial as almost everything in this life is. Even when we subject ourselves to some form of physical or mental hardship (e.g. exercise, studying) there is both some form of direct and future reward that is motivating us in the form of endorphins and health/ vanity or the elusive flow state (neural mechanisms not well understood) and job prospects. Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to experience all these things as pleasant through and through? C’mon evolution! I guess that would make for a very boring life.

(1) Small, hidden, out of the way watering holes.
(2) Very large doors.
(3) My dad’s parallel parking formula.


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