Internal Medicine – Day 27

I felt bad for the first year residents today. They were new on the service and it was our senior’s day off. I could sense that they were a bit overwhelmed understandably, but also they handled the whole thing super well. I’m trying to imagine having the type of pressure that they were experiencing, more or less having these patient’s lives in your hands. Of course they still had the attending to supervise and approve their decisions, but also the attendings usually aren’t micromanaging, and generally trust the team to carryout all the tasks that were discussed.

Also one of the patient’s was sent to the ICU for a decline in his respiratory status which I imagine was probably a scary and stressful experience for the intern (likely even moreso for the patient if he was aware enough to remember), which made me think about how through this rotation I have not been in any emergent events with my patients which is fortune, but also I will inevitably will face one some day and when the time comes I hope I’m ready professionally and emotionally.

Crispy tater tots, sweatpants, used bookstores


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