The Fast Lane

Why is it so annoying when people zoom past us on the road? In general I wouldn’t call myself a road rage kinda person. I feel like I have a high tolerance for getting genuinely upset on when I’m driving. That doesn’t mean of course I don’t given in to the occasional cathartic expletive when drivers around me are being stupid, but usually I’m not actually angry. That said there is something about someone behind you switching lanes to drive past you even though it’s the person ahead of you holding you back that inspires so much annoyance. And then when they get caught behind a slower car you can’t help feel immense satisfaction at their misfortune, like a fat “I told you so.” (Even if I agree that the left lane should be reserved for active acceleration past cars and not for cruising and that the person up ahead is also a dumby).

But again why is it so annoying. Getting upset for people driving too fast or too slow is so dumb. Tailgating someone to make them go faster or get out of the way is so dumb. Driving 80 on the freeway with no one in your way will probably get you to your destination only a few minutes faster than if you drove the speed limit. Are you that pressed (I tell myself) that you want to endanger yourself and others by swerving past other cars and get yourself worked up how others are driving? As if those three minutes are going to significantly changing your experience after arrival (of course there are exceptions).

Don’t fuss over it. It’s not worth it.

Light, but soft and warm throw blankies, ducks, fishing ponds


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