Internal Medicine – Day 28

My second to last day on the wards. And it was a short one since I had meetings/ didactics in the early afternoon. As we approach the end of the rotation as does the bittersweet denouement that oft accompanies it. I know it’s lame to talk about and don’t tell my classmates because it’s taboo not to talk about how tired and overworked you constantly are, but I’m kinda gonna miss my early mornings. I’m kinda gonna miss hanging out with my team in the workroom. I’m kinda gonna miss running around the hospital on my own visiting and talking to patients, whose lives I feel fortunate to have played a teeny tiny role in. I enjoyed inpatient medicine a lot more that I expected, definitely not brining me any closer to a decision for my career.

Ice cream, small shops that sell things I can’t afford but are nice to browse, community gardens


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