Family Medicine – Day 3

I thought my Ob/Gyn days were behind me. Today 40% of what I did was Ob. I did dopplers, I did fundal heights, I did a frickn’ Pap smear, pelvic exam, breast exam, AND I took a GBS sample which I literally never did the whole time on my Ob/Gyn rotation. It was good review and I am super appreciative to all the ladies who trusted me with their care, but just not necessarily what I was expecting when I came out here.

The afternoon was a little more varied and I was working with a new attending. The medical director of the clinic. Very nice guy, and a little more structured in terms of his expectations (understandably in part because he may have more at stake and in part because he probably had a little bit more lead time compared to the other preceptors). He picked out patients right from the get go, and also wanted a specific presentation format (honestly it was the pretty standard SOAP format, but none of the others harped on me for being all discombobulated probably as a courtesy), so I kinda had to pull my shit together. I only had 4 patients in the afternoon, an ob + one of her born sons, a diabetes follow-up, and a post-up follow-up. It was a nice spread and the fact that I knew who I was taking and what to expect gave me a chance to kinda review in between cases things I wanted to do and organizing my presentation. Overall though I think I did ok today. I sucked a little, but I’m still getting in the groove. Tomorrow I will suck less for sure (thanks Dr. Glaucomflecken).


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