Family Medicine – Day 4

Today was a little bit slower. Most of the patients were Spanish-speaking and we didn’t have the staff for one of the MAs to come in with me to talk to the patient so I followed my attending (another new one) into those visits. I reeeeeally need to work on my Spanish more seriously.

When I did have English-speaking patients I had some really good conversations and I think my presentations were pretty good. I’ve gotten closer to a format I like and he accepted my assessments and plans without much changes. I even made a health maintenance suggestion where he went, “Oh yea that’s a good idea.” I’m learning a bit more everyday and it feels good (though I feel like I could have come in with a better baseline).

All this said, I have so many side projects that I need to work on, but when I get home I’m just so tired, and a shower and watching One Piece on the couch until bedtime sounds like such a nice comfort. I’ve also been feeling a bit more tired just in general. I’ll usually like to go to a cafe (or sometimes a brewery) right after work to combat this and at least be a little productive, but as soon as I get home I can’t do anything (though also a change in mindset there may help?). These are all projects that I want to do, I just need to find a way to maintain energy levels and motivation throughout my day. Part of that may be getting back to my morning routine and some exercise which has been falling off recently.


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