Family Medicine – Day 2

New day, new preceptor. The experience today was a little more what I anticipate most of family medicine to look like. A lot of middle aged to older adult patients. A lot of chronic or age-related disease. That said all the patients I worked with today were lovely and today’s preceptor was also excellent. It was another half day at the clinic though and I had conference in the afternoon. Tomorrow will be my first full day in the clinic so it’ll be a good to see how I feel in this environment for 8 hours. Definitely gonna need to be nailing down management of hypertension and diabetes over the next few days.

At the afternoon conference I met some more attending and residents, most of whom (I didn’t meet them all) seemed like wonderful people. I really like the casual vibes they gave off. I also really appreciated the deadpan humor of the attendings, but maybe that’s just me.


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