Pediatrics – Day 18

Back to the weekdays and rounds did normalize a little bit, but the vibe was still different. Today I got pimped by the attending on what a “left shift” was, which I surprisingly answered correctly, as well as the follow up question of what the differential looks like in a true left shift (it shouldn’t have been a hard question, I just get super nervous and freeze whenever they look directly into the bowels of my soul as ask if I know the answer). So that felt good. There was definitely a lot of learning today, as there was yesterday which I appreciated. More and more I’m getting comfortable apply things I learned in the first two years to actual real-world problems which is satisfying. Getting put on the spot to present my assessment and plan for my patients is nerve-racking right now, but it’s also super helpful, and if it’s even halfway decent the team does a good job at supporting the things I said that were “correct” and then addending to it in a way that doesn’t make me feel too dumb. Definitely it’s motivating me to learn more.


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