Pediatrics – Day 19

It was a longer day today, but there was some good learning that happened. Something tells me the attending hasn’t been impressed with me thus far. Maybe not disappointed, but not impressed, and she communicated that with the residents. I only say that because today one of the residents worked especially close with me on my presentations for rounds today. It was undeniably super helpful, and I think I did an ok job. Sometimes when I get praise, I can’t tell if it’s genuine for if people are just trying to be nice. Regardless, like I said yesterday, being in the hospital motivates me to study more, but also it just takes so much out of me that it’s hard to come afterwards and study. I think I need to avoid coming home right after work and just try to get work done outside of the house.


2 thoughts on “Pediatrics – Day 19”

  1. From experience, it’s not necessarily how much you know but what you do with what you already know. This is a lot more complex than it sounds.

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