Pediatrics – Day 17

Today was my first weekend at the hospital and my first day with the new (t0 me) attending. It was a very different vibe. Not sure if it was mostly because it was a weekend shift or because of the attending herself, but definitely feels like it was a mix. She was a little younger and had a more comraderous(?) relationship with the residents. There was talk about personal lives, food, debaucherous activity, but at the same time she was very much into teaching and honestly pimped me more than the other attending leading to me embarrassing myself on several occasions.

She bought us lunch which was super kind of her. It was like these Texan breakfast tacos. Very good. I never know what to do in situations like that though. Like clearly, she plans on paying for the meal, but I don’t want to be presumptive. But is it insulting to asking if I can pay someone back or suggest that she may want compensation? I don’t want to take her generosity for granted (it was never mentioned upfront), but also, I don’t want to be this lowly medical student putting myself on an “equal playing field” with my attending by offering to pay. I’m definitely probably overthinking it, but you all know that’s just the way I am.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow during the weekday, though it sounds like she want to kinda keep it similar to how we did it today throughout the week. The residents seem onboard with it.


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