I feel like I get in trouble a lot for being “introverted”/ an overthinker/ very much in my own head. When I’m with people sometimes I can have whole conversations with myself without saying a word only to realize I’ve just been staring at someone or off into space for an uncomfortable amount of time. I don’t really feel like it’s anything I need to or want to change except maybe for the sake of people around me, so it’s just something I need to be more aware of.


2 thoughts on “Headspace”

  1. sounds familiar to me as I do it all the time. I can have full conversation in my mind driving 2 hrs or more without saying a word to the passengers in the car.

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    1. exactly me haha except my passengers will almost always break the silence after 5 mins, for me it’s also drive for an hour not realizing i there’s no music or anything playing in the radio


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