Pediatrics – Day 14

I’m definitely starting to get more comfortable in terms of flow. Still just working with the bronchiolitis patients, but I at least get to see the other patients while on rounds. There’s this one patient who just warms my heart so much. They came to the hospital in a pretty serious condition, to the point where they couldn’t really move any part of their body, but slowly is getting better. Each day I’ve seen this patient they have shown small improvements and most notably their smile. They can’t so much besides life their arm and make gross motor movements, and the occasional thumbs up, but there is cognition. They can respond appropriately when we talk (to the best of their ability), and whenever we come by the room, they always give us this big smile. Even though they’ve been in the hospital for days on end. Even though the parents aren’t able to be at beside around the clock. The patient seems content and happy to see us. Of course it’s hard to tell, but it doesn’t seem like a desperate, “so happy to see anyone” kinda happiness, but a genuine cheeriness that seems to be consistent with their character prior to having come to the hospital according to the parents. I’m glad they didn’t lose that.


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