Pediatrics – Day 13

Ok I’m actually really enjoying in-patient. It’s longer hours than outpatient, but it doesn’t really feel that way because there’s always something to do. There are occasional lulls, but those aren’t exclusive to in-patient. Getting to know the kids and families while they are in the hospital is fun and rewarding, and everyone I’ve worked with so far is just so pleasant to be around.

I got my second patient today, and then later took on a new admit. What did they have? You guessed it, bronchiolitis. I should be an expert on this by the end of the rotation, we’ll see. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get to work on something different, but I do appreciate getting eased in to things because even with something as relatively simply as bronchiolitis there’s a lot of think about in terms of counseling parents, planning, and communicating with other members of the medical team. Even the thought of doing that stuff for a mildly more complicated cases is kinda intimidating.

I also like the idea of in the future working in a teaching hospital and working with residents and students. We have like 3 conferences everyday, some of them are kinda fun and we learn cool stuff and hear about interesting cases. As an attending I see how working in a place like this really helps keep you up-to-date on the latest research and guidelines and just gives you an opportunity to see a wide variety of pathology. Am I in love? Who’s to say? Let’s get past the honeymoon period and I’ll get back to you.


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