Pediatrics – Day 15

Some of the tired is starting to creep in, but also ’cause I’m not heading to bed in time. I’m still enjoying my time at the hospital though. I enjoy having a case to manage and then having to figure out what I’m going to do. Of course it’s not really up to me, if I decide to do the wrong thing I get immediately overrided by my resident who can get overrided by the attending, but that makes it feel like a safe place to make mistakes. It’s also been nice going to the conferences and sometimes knowing the answer to questions they ask, even if I don’t say it outloud.

I think I’m going to get my first non-bronchiolitis patient so I’m excited to be working on something different. The hospital has certain protocols for different conditions. I looked up the protocol for osteomyelitis and it looks relatively straight forward, but it feels good to be able to suggest things and be told that they agree, even if I don’t 100% have a good reason other than “the flow chart told me to.”


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