OBY/GYN Rotation – Day 20

Didactics in the morning, yaaay. Ok today wasn’t so bad. We covered some really important topics around ethics, culture, and biases. Partway through I got a text from my attending saying there would be a C-section right at the time that our Zoom lectures were supposed to end. I told him I would be there. I switched my Zoom presence from my desktop to my phone and made my way to the hospital. Luckily the last lecture ended a little early, so I did have to miss any content.

When I got to the hospital I rushed to the C-sec room. I put on a bouffant cap (not a beard cover like last time) on my head and went into the lobby of the operating area. No sign of the doc. I looked around, probably with a look of panic, to see the surgical techs chillin by the desk. I asked if he had come by yet. Of course not. So I went over to Labor & Delivery, where he most likely was. Just as I entered the unit I saw him fast walking in his Mr. Bean-esque way down the hallway and I hurried after him. I caught him just before we entered the room of the patient about to have the surgery. After a quick check-in we Bean-ed our way back to the main area of L&D to work on some of his notes until it was time for the surgery. He gave me his excuse for why he didn’t call me yesterday for the C-section, saying it was emergent and the patient had to be rushed to the OR, which made me feel a bit better (selfishly).

Once he got called for the surgery, we headed back to the C-section operating room. This was my now my 3rd time actually scrubbing in and I was determined to get to the patient’s side without a hitch. I did pretty good. I knew what I was doing, even if they felt like they had to walk me through it, but it was good on their part cause of course I’m by no means an expert at this point. I felt a little more comfortable in the sterile operating area, but still was more of an observer. This one was a little more complicated than the first one I saw, but more or less went very smoothly. It’s still crazy how something so intense and amazing is so casual and normal for the people involved. We literally cut open this lady’s belly and pulled out baby, and then sewed her back up in less than 30 minutes. Oh and she was awake and conscious the whole time.

Anyway, afterward we headed back out to the clinic and finished up the day.

After clinic I met up with my roommate and we hit up a couple breweries and spots I’ve been wanting to try. We got into this decently interesting conversation with the owner of one of the bars about the area and his plans for the some of the other downtown properties that he has.

Overall was a good, eventful day. I’m just excited to go to bed.


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