What a Time to be Alive

I feel like I say this kinda a lot. Half as a joke, but also partially in genuine awe of the things we are able to do as conscious beings that happen to be alive during this time period. Today I was back in Sequoia National Park for the second time in the span of 1 week. As we were driving up the winding road up to the top for what in the moment felt like a long time, I couldn’t help but think about how crazy it is that we are able to just go up to this beautiful forest for a day and then come back home. I imagine people way back when taking days or weeks to get up to see the Sequoias, if they even knew they existed. And the trip probably was not all that pleasant. Beyond that we are able to fly across the countries and oceans to see all these amazing parts of the world that were largely unknown to most people anywhere. Of course, embedded in this is also the privilege to be able to do so which should not be taken for granted. Our planet is truly an amazing place.


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