Pediatric Cardiology – Day 20

The reason I chose to do this rotation this early on was so I could get a sense of whether or not there is any possibility of me wanting to pursue this in the future, thus informing what residencies I would apply to. I can confidently say that after these 4 weeks I have not ruled pediatric cardiology out of the equation. Between this rotation and last, I think one more definitive things that has come out is that I definitely want to have some component of working with kids. If I had to choose between only working with kids and only working with adults, I would drop adults in a heartbeat. I feel like there’s a path from my current trajectory that is pretty well defined to a possible future in congenital heart disease, but as I’ve mentioned I still have a lot of training to go through before I need to make that decision.

All in all, I’m just super glad I got to have this opportunity and I’m excited to see where things go.


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