Pediatric Cardiology – Day 19

The fellows were apologizing to me today because they thought I would be discourage from going into pediatric cardiology because they felt like they were always complaining, which was not my impression at all. They definitely have not been the most unhappy trainees I’ve worked with and they honestly were all pretty nice for the most part. I could tell they were at times a bit burnt out, but they seemed genuinely interested in their work. Also as I mentioned before, most of the attendings also seemed to love their work.

That said I went to a Family Medicine celebration dinner tonight for the 4th years who matched into FM this year. It was a super cute event with a lot of recognition being given out to preceptors and students, and just the whole community vibe was very inviting; something I likely would not get if I matched into Med-Peds, at least from KSOM since there was only 1 Med-Peds matchee this year. I also realized a lot of the doctors I really admire and look up to were there at the dinner which I thought was interesting. But yea just something to think about.


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