Pediatric Cardiology – Day 4

Today I was working with the heart failure and transplant team. Heart transplant may be the most wild thing to think about of all the organ transplants. So much plumbing to deal with. I think also what makes it seem so crazy is the narrative around the heart. The heart is thought of as such an intimate part of ourselves. It in a sense has a life of its own both more figuratively and more literally. There isn’t as much fuss around a liver transplant or a kidney transplant even though they are arguably just as important for the patients who need them. I got to meet several kids today with transplanted hearts and seeing them alive and well and happy was quite amazing.

There are a few of niches even within cardiology which I thought was interesting. I do like the very structural and mechanical way of thinking that is involved with cardiology, but I also feel like I miss a lot of the more puzzle-solving way of thinking involved in internal medicine. I realize though whether or not I decide ultimate to pursue cardiology is a decision I won’t have to make for a long long time, so I probably shouldn’t stress much more about it a focus on the more immediate decisions that I’m going to have to make within the next several months.


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