Pediatric Cardiology – Day 3

Suspected arrhythmias was the theme of the day. We had no major structural defects or really any murmurs. A lot of stable, non-life-threatening or suspected-turned-out-negative hearts which is good of course, but also makes for a quieter day (literally). I did get to spend more time looking at ECGs and I spent a part of the morning with one of the echo techs which is always pretty cool to see them get done in real time. I was super impressed with how quickly she was able to get some really clear images and take measurements, of course likely due to her extensive experience doing these studies.

There has been a surprising amount of variety in what I’ve been seeing in clinic and add on top rotating through different services within cardiology, I can see this providing enough variety to keep things regularly fresh. I will say though is 100% the worst organized rotation I’ve been on.

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