MedPeds – Day 3

One of the big pieces of advise you always hear when trying to figure out what specialty you want to go into or what residency to apply to is “see what the residents are like.” And all the residents, and even the attendings I’ve worked with so far I vibe with. It’s refreshing to be around people who make it part of their job to be genuinely interested in patients’ lives outside of the clinic/ hospital. Not to say other specialties don’t care, just often times they aren’t as interested because it’s not pertinent to their role/ objective.

Today I got to tell a patient she was pregnant (she was hoping to be). I got to work with some babies and diagnose some rashes. Did some motivational interviewing and worked up some chest pain (clinically). I still need to work on being a bit more thorough/ systematic in my history taking. I just sometimes just get caught up in the conversation, or I ask things a bit spur of the moment so I rush, or I don’t want to fatigue the patient. We will adjust.


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