MedPeds – Day 2

Again a lot of things I missed from primary care that popped up again today. I like talking about lifestyle and I do feel like a have an approach that many patients have responded well to (at least in the moment). I also did a HEADSS assessment (basically a very thorough social history) with a 12-year-old (usually at this age this is the first appointment where we ask their parent to step outside the room) which is something I enjoy and feel like I am good at. Throughout the day I also got good feedback from the residents and attendings, as well as from patients.

Still learning a lot and definitely have pick up a lot of good technique from my seniors, but overall its been a super good learning environment. The days also feel like they go by quickly and aren’t arduous.

We still in the honeymoon phase of the rotation though, we’ll see where I’m at by week 3.


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