Neurology – Day 1

It was my first full day in the clinic and there were 5 of us students total. It’s a busy clinic so it actually wasn’t terrible; I don’t feel like any one of us was just sitting around the whole time. In terms of what I am seeing in the clinic, it’s about what I expected. A lot of strokes, carpal tunnel, Parkinson, seizures, headaches. Mostly pretty straightforward stuff and the attending moves very quickly. Whether its a new consult or a returning patient, he typically doesn’t spend longer than 5 minutes in the room.

Lunch was provided by a drug rep today and all us med students sat with the attending for lunch. We had a pretty interesting conversation about how to “survive” after medical school. He was giving us all these tips about maximizing our deductibles and stuff.

Neurology seems like a decent lifestyle. Pretty predictable work, good clinic hours, possibility of inpatient work. I’m just not sure yet if I like the medicine, but I haven’t ruled it out yet.


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