Neurology – Day 0

Today was the first day of neurology. The morning was jus orientation and some review lectures and then I was told to go to clinic in the afternoon. I switched into this rotation a little late so I missed some emails with info from before, but mostly I was brought up to date. Originally I was primarily supposed to work back at the county hospital, but last minute they switched me to be primarily at a site in Downey which is close to where I’m living which I thought would be a good deal because I would have lighter commute. I was told to go in after lecture at 1330. I got to the clinic and there were already 3 other medical students working there with the attending I was assigned, and that isn’t even counting the 3 other 4th year USC medical students who are supposed to be working there, but were apparently told not to come in today and have their first day on tomorrow. The clinic seemed a bit hectic and fast paced. I got to see one patient, and the expectations for presentation weren’t well laid out, but probably partially due to the fact that I came in mid day. I got to meet the other students, and sounds like I may not have to come in every day. This will definitely be an interesting experience, logistically.


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