Surgery – Day 6

I really like my team right now. This week we got a new chief resident (4th year) and a new senior (3rd year) resident. They are both so nice and so chill, and perhaps most importantly they set clear expectations and act like they want us to learn and be part of the team. I don’t blame the previous ones at all for not really engaging with us. I imagine the life of a surgery resident is super tough and having to deal with medical students is just another thing to manage on top of everything else, but I guess that’s why it means a lot when residents take time to engage with us (and in fairness our prior residents did, it was just harder).

The team around you makes such a difference in your experience. Because I like my team currently, I’m kinda looking forward to going in tomorrow. That is how it was on Internal Medicine. The hours were long and I had to wake up at the wee hours of the morning, but I kinda looked forward to getting to spend time with the team and learn.

Hopefully this keeps up.


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