Surgery – Day 5

It was a long day today. Not only because of hospital/ clinic work but other commitments, but having to get up at 5 am certainly doesn’t help. Rounds started a little earlier today with our new chief resident and then we went to clinic later with the attending (we were late because the schedule we were given was wrong). It was nice to be back in the clinic though. It being a surgery clinic, there were some pretty heavy conversations had. In some ways, it feels wrong for me to be there in these important moments, as a spectator/ medical student. Another part of me feels lucky to be able to be present in those moments. If I did go into surgery, I can see clinic being something I enjoy. Our attending also did a lot of patient education which I thought was nice, especially since the image of surgeons can often be kind of cold and fast paced. But I am very sleepy so that is all for now.


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