Surgery – Day 3

We didn’t have any cases today, so (thankfully) I didn’t have spend any time in the operating room (even though watching surgery is cool, yesterday was just a lot of standing). So it most basically like an internal medicine day, minus the long rounds and comprehensive discussions of pathology. I actually like the residents on our surgery team. The chief is kinda scary, or just very surgeon-y, she can be kinda terse, but also very nice at times and willing to be patient with us and help us learn when there is time.

There was supposed to be a liver transplant today which I was really looking forward to but it got cancelled (perhaps for the best), so we got a chance to sit down with the team a bit more and set expectations and stuff. And we got to go home a little earlier which was quite nice.

It’s only day 3 but I think I already know surgery, as awesome as it, is not going to be for me. The giddy has mostly worn off.


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