Surgery – Day 2

I got to scrub in on 2 liver resections today. Both cases of rectal cancer with metastases to the liver. This procedure is another great example of how kinda straightforward surgery is (again, besides all the technical parts of it); there’s something wrong with part of the liver, let’s just cut that shit right out. And when we cut the liver, I was kinda expecting this clean margins, like you’d get if the thing was made of Play-Doh. Nope it looks janky as heck.

If anything see all of this is, whole organs being chopped up, tissue being burned apart and sewn back together, it’s all a testament to how amazing our bodies (and living things in general are). We can put our body through hell, and yet it find away to put things back together, more or less in the way it’s supposed to, something we often take for granted.


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