Internal Medicine – Day 14

I finally got to see a paracentesis. It’s one of those procedures that makes you think of old crude, medieval medicine. There’s fluid in a place where it shouldn’t be. How are we going to treat it? We’re gonna suck that shit out with a big ass needle and drain it into a giant milk bottle. Simple, yet effective (of course this doesn’t address the underlying issue, but we’ll put that aside for now). As much as we like to think of medicine as a strict science, a lot of it is intuitive/ common sense, as long as you know the science.

How do you treat an infection likely cause by this organism? Put something in the body that kills via a mechanism specific to that organism.

At the end of the day, doctors are just people who are out here making decisions based on the evidence available to them, especially with inpatient medicine. In outpatient the script is flipped. Patient’s have more say if the direction of their care, which on one hand is a good thing and navigating that is an art of its own, I’m not sure which I prefer. Inpatient feels more like science which I think is really fun. Outpatient feels more like life coaching and habit-shaping, which I think is also fun in its own way, but not in a science way, but it also aligns better with my philosophically. aowegawehgawiaejgoaehgueah

(1) People who are willing to be vulnerable, (2) stranger smiles, (3) made up phrases.


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