Internal Medicine – Day 13

It was the last day with one of the interns and with our senior resident, and the first day with a new attending. I really enjoyed the team we had. With it being his last day with us, our senior took us all aside for feedback. I never know what to make of these feedback session. I can never tell if they are saying nice things because they don’t want to hurt my feelings or because it’s easier to say someone did a good job than to actually work with them through some of their deficits. I mean I think I’ve done a decent job, but I also don’t think I’m among the best-of-the-best that have walked these pathogen-ridden halls. At the same time, I don’t mean to suggest that my preceptors care enough about me or care so little about “the future of medicine” as to compromise their integrity. Idk, I want someone to make me cry, or feel like crying. Not because they are being insensitive, but because they make me reckon with my own shortcomings. Third party verification let’s call it. Or maybe it is better this way. And I should just continue forward the best way I know how.


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