Family Medicine – Day 6

I was kinda all over the place today. Been a lot on my mind lately so I think that may be part of it, but my presentations felt very haphazard and I felt like I didn’t know how to talk. I kept getting lost in my train of thought and trailing off sentences without making a definitive or clinically relevant point.

Or maybe it has always been this way and I’m just becoming more aware of it. In any case, using the What, So What, Now What framework, that’s the “what” of my situation. The “so what” is that it’s kind of embarrassing and is a sign that I need to improve my presentation skills and also just my clinical knowledge. The “now what” is just more studying, being more proactive in seeking feedback, and to maybe be more intentional and organized with putting together my presentations. I did notice that last week I was writing out my presentation in kinda a bullet form for one of the attendings and that day I was feeling pretty good. I think I’ll do that again today.


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