So what, now what

This idea of “What, So What, Now What” has come up for me twice this past week in distinct ways. The first time was like a formal introduction where I heard about it for the first time on the TED Radio Hour on NPR. The podcast was about education and how we may try to rethink school. “So what, now what” was a saying of one of the speakers who reformed a school in an underserved community (I’ll link the whole thing below). The second time, which happened today was more of a tangential encounter.

This morning I participated in an improv class for this Informal Education Certification program I am in.  We did several exercises involving story telling and improvising (obviously). The instructor often would make little asides about how certain exercising or improv concepts connect to real life. One of the big ideas for improv was to always “say yes” to what another person gives you; no matter what direction you had envisioned in your head for the scene and no matter how frustrated you are with someone for not saying what you wanted them to say, you had to accept it and move on. This reminded me of “So what, now what”. Just like in life, things aren’t always going to go how I envision it, the best I can do is accept my current reality and choose what I want to do from there.

This has a lot to do with attitude. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. Now what’s happened? So what am I gonna do about it… probably something dumb.

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