Pediatrics – Day 23

Since it’s been a few days since I’ve had to be in the hospital, a lot of new patients, but I had to just jump right back in. I got assigned my usual URI picture kind of patients. They seemed somewhat straightforward at first, but were a little more complicated when we started digging a little deeper. One of them had these mysterious hives and constellation of symptoms that weren’t super consistent with anything in particular, but were suggestive of a few different things, so it was hard to say whether what they were experiencing was just a reaction to viral illness or something a little more serious underlying.

Later that day I saw my first in-patient constipation case and I realized how little I know about management of serious constipation. The kid was really plugged up. This was the first time I really felt an abdomen that distended. Also, part of the discharge plan is to make the family watch a video called “The Poop In You.”


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