Pediatrics – Day 11

This was written in post-because I missed writing the day of.

Last day of outpatient. And last day in the cardiology clinic, definitely my favorite of the specialty clinics. The attendings were the most enthusiastic about teaching (matched only by some of the continuity clinic attendings) and watching echos is just so cool. Pediatric cardiology has definitely been on radar as something I may want to go into, and my experience the last few days has only reinforced that. But we shall see, I still like the idea of doing more primary care. I like the idea of making short terms plans and goals with patient and following up on them in a longitudinal manner. BUT being able to use an ultrasound machine on a daily basis sounds pretty cool too. And the schedule also seems pretty nice.

Next week we start in-patient which I’m really curious about. I’m not sure how I’ll find it because on the one hand I’ll get a chance to spend a lot of time with individual patients. Days are going to be long, but hopefully I’ll be doing interesting stuff the whole time. This is going to be the first time where I’ll really get to see if hospital work is for me.


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