Pediatrics – Day 10

This was written in post because I missed writing the day of.

During outpatient, we have to spend a day working in the Newborn Nursery and NICU. I was looking forward to this experience because it was something we never really saw much of during OB/GYN, and also having volunteered in the NICU before I was excited to what the LAC-USC NICU was like.

Overall, it was a lot slower than I imagined. We only saw and examined one newborn in the morning, which itself was a good learning experience, but was just — lonely if that makes sense. We then did a quick morning “rounds” with the attending where we went into all the potential causes of poor feeding and failure to thrive, which was also a good learning experience on its own.

That said it seems like the residents and staff didn’t really know what to do with us. In the afternoon we were supposed to be in NICU with one of the clerkship directors, so I was hoping we’d get a little more direction, but it turns out she wasn’t coming in today. One of the attendings did send us over to this empty NICU unit to watch a training on neonatal resuscitation. That was interesting and we got to practice some stuff like CPR and intubation on neonates. The residents decided to let us out early which was nice.

Afterwards I busted a mission back home for a concert which I forgot I had tickets for until this past weekend when Audrey reminded me. I was a good time.


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