OBY/GYN Rotation – Day 13

I didn’t end up getting called for a delivery last night, even though there were two. I did get a text about the later one, but I didn’t see it in time. I was able to get up at a normal time and go to clinic. The usual mix of ob follow-ups and the occasional gynecological concerns. Otherwise, it was a pretty lowkey day. Got to practice some more suturing and we finished with our last patient pretty early (on schedule). That transitioned to some laziness when I got home. Took a pretty long nap and spent most of the afternoon/ evening in bed.

Maybe it’s compensation or call it coping. I don’t have any call shifts baked into my schedule, so this was my first time really experiencing going to the hospital late. My attending sent me home twice. It’s honestly crazy to me thinking about how much sleep he must have gotten last night and then still had to come into clinic today. I don’t know if I would still be a functional human. Being witness to that I can understand when he can be a bit short with patients or almost seem like he is not listening, and I can tell that some of the patients feel it. I wonder patients they could see first-hand what some docs go through, would have patience or compassion (that goes for all professions, and I guess for all people [ooo deep])? Not that they express any of their thoughts outwardly if they have them. At the same time, patients are also going through their own shit (part of the reason they may be coming to the doctor) and the responsibility to attend to physicians’ feelings and mental health should not in any way fall on patients.

There’s got to be a better system where we don’t have to compromise patient care and physician wellbeing for the sake of “productivity” and financial efficiency.

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