OBY/GYN Rotation – Day 12

It’s been an eventful day, and it’s still not over. My attending is on call and I’m writing this at the hospital as I wait for a potential delivery tonight. We already had two deliveries earlier today. There was supposed to be a procedure, but it got canceled.

Other than that, the beginning of the day was normal clinic, until we got called to a delivery. Unfortunately, some of the appointments had to be rescheduled because of that, but by the end of the day we were able to catch up for the most part. On the way to the hospital we were called by the ED for a consult. We got to the hospital, I got to help catch again and with passing some tools. Afterward ended up going down to see the patient and having to delivery some not so great news.

We finished up in clinic and I went home for some food and a quick break and workout then had to go to the hospital the scheduled procedure which ended up being canceled. But as soon as I got there, we checked in on a recent admit and then had to go back to the ED. After finishing up there we got some food then headed back up to the floor. We got there and went to check on an advanced labor — delivery’s gonna be any time now. We left to check on a new admit it triage. Just starting to get the patient’s history and then we got the call that the delivery was starting. So, we rushed over to get all gowned and gloved, except there was only one gown out. Obviously, I wasn’t the one to take it, so I just stood by ’cause I also didn’t know where to get a gown. I eventually got one, but the baby was already out. Once I was finally donned, I got to do all the cord stuff. Clamp 1, clamp 2, give dad the scissors. Unclamp clamp 2. Collect cord blood. Reclamp clamp 2 higher up. Fundal massage to deliver the placenta. The time finally came when I was asked if I could do sutures. I wasn’t feeling confident, so I deferred. Second delivery of the day done.

There was a lot of time expected until the next delivery and I got some blood on my scrubs, so I went home to change, and came back and have been practicing sutures for the past hour as we wait for the next delivery.

For lunch I had the leftover chicken, which will prob last me a good amount of time and for my snack after getting home I made a sandwich which definitely itched a craving I’ve been having. I ate again back at the hospital. My attending said he would treat me to the best sandwich ever. I was excited. Turned out he meant one of the free fridge sandwiches in the physician lounge. I should have known, though he said it with a sincerity that which was almost unusual, but also maybe it was just wishful thinking. Guess I still gotta work on my read of this guy, the sandwich was still good though, chicken Caesar.


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