Devices in Desperate Need of Reimagination

There are certain devices that exist that I feel like have been severely limited by their original design. They were invented at a time when technology dictated what was and wasn’t possible in terms of form and function.

Nowadays, the technology exists to do a lot of really cool stuff that once was impossible, and I can’t help but think that of lot of things we use in our daily lives only exist in their current form because either to change them would require changing all the other devices built around them or they are so universally used that to change them would be a huge disruption to society.

I realize this is all kinda vague and eye-glazing, but take dishwashing machines for example. I have never liked using dishwashing machines and in the times that I have used them, I have never been completely satisfied by the result. There’s gotta be a better way to automatized washing dishes that’s more effective than shooting hot swirly water at them. Or like are quadrilaterals really the best shape for screens and phones?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have all the As Seen on TV stuff, a lot of which is genius in theory, but the world is just not ready/ not set-up for them to be successful.


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