The One-Handed Egg Crack

Ever since I was little and watched Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off it’s been a life goal to master the one-handed egg crack (surprisingly and disappointingly I can’t find a video of the specific scene with his dad anywhere). Since I’ve been living on my own I would keep telling myself, Ok remember to look up how to do the one-handed egg crack. And I would keep forgetting and would remember immediately after cracking my eggs for my breakfast omelet OR after I already finished eating. I finally remembered to look for tutorials and the videos that are offered on YouTube are a bit underwhelming and inconsistent, but I got the gist.

So I finally remember to give it a go aaaaand it was a disaster. Hand covered in egg whites and yolk. Tiny egg shell fragment scattered throughout the bowl. I basically just crushed the egg in my hand. The more I practiced though the more of the nuance I picked up that you couldn’t fully appreciate in any of the videos. The cracking of the egg is everything. At one point I decided to think less and just do what it looks like the pros do; quick crack, open the egg. And it worked! My success rate still isn’t 100%, but I realized that before I was being far too timid in my egg crack, and a nice swift, crisp crack is need to get an appropriately deep crack that traverses the eggs midsection (though sometimes I get overzealous end completely obliterate the egg against the counter or pan). The rest is just dexterity.

This experience aligns well with a lot of other things I’ve done or tried to do in my life. I have a tendency to overthink things which in some cases, unbeknownst to me, may be the reason for my failure or lack of progress. Having a clear direction and little courage is sometimes all it takes to move forward.


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