I find that making lists for the things I need to do in a day helps me be productive, at least when it comes to doing those specific tasks. In a way though I feel like it can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Sometimes after completing all the tasks on my list I feel a sense of accomplishment that makes me forget other things that I may need to do that I forgot to add to my list. Also if I end up missing a task, that sometimes demoralizes me and I think makes me subconsciously not want to write up my list for the next day (something about not wanting to confront my failures). These things can spiral and make me less productive than normal for days at a time. But these “negatives” are all stuff I can work on and are not inherent to the list-making/ bullet journaling system. So here’s just another case where I think consistency is key and practice is key to working out the kinks and getting better at whatever I do.


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