Tonight We Dine in Hel(minth)

Being back in school it can be easy to get caught up in an obligation mindset; I’m learning all this stuff just because I have to, and I probably won’t remember half of it in 5-10 years (or less). Plus, when we are constantly preparing for exams and being put on a timeline for learning, it can be hard to take a second to appreciate what we are learning. In light of that, I want to make it a point each week to step back and appreciate some of the cool things I learn mostly as a tool to fight burnout, but also to keep a record of this stuff lest I forget:

Recently we learned about various parasites, most notably helminths, parasitic worms. Yes, I know disgusting. We learned all about the different ways they can get into your body and all the things they do. They can burrow through your skin and make their way to your lungs. They can infest your eyes and eat through your brain, or even crawl out your butthole like a submariner climbing out of a hatch. It’s enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies, yet I can’t help butt marvel at these creatures. These simple animals can bring beings hundreds-of-times their size to their knees. To them we are merely comfy, all–inclusive bed-n-breakfasts, and in some cases also nurseries.


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